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Cooperation with us is easy for you thanks to several details

Your label can be small and simple. Or with sophisticated details and a unique format. However, it is always a small “project” that passes through the many hands of our colleagues. See a summary of what it takes for you to get through the order smoothly, and how our colleagues see your labels.

1. Ordering labels can be easy, just clarify a few things first:

If the client cannot answer the points below in advance, a consultation with our sales representative will clarify all these points:

  • What label material do I want? What will the label be applied to and under what conditions?
  • What is the quality of the print required? Pantone Colors or CMYK, Offset or Flexo, will maybe Digital be enough? What kind of finishing do I want – embossing, debossing, microembossing, or others?
  • What winding direction do I need for the label applicator? Or do I need one-piece packages?
  • What is the right production quantity for me?
    • Thousands, or a low-volume quantity?
    • Or background labels for additional print variations?
    • Do I need variable data?

You can get inspiration about labels as a tool for communication and the possibilities of materials and printing on our website in advance of clarifying your best fit.

Once you place your order, the sales assistants will include it in the production plans. This will trigger further instructions for colleagues from the purchasing and warehouse to prepare the necessary commodities and tools.

2. The next step for you is to submit the graphic design:

You need to send the graphic design of your label to our DTP department in sufficient quality and with colour specification (more about that here). If you do not have this externally outsourced, we can provide the label design service too! Do not hesitate to ask about this during the initial consultation.

To check the accuracy, you will then receive a test-print to check all the design elements and the colours. Only after we receive your approval, can colleagues move the label to the press itself. Just so you know, the design of the label is “laid out” into individual graphic elements for printing machines. These individual elements are printed by many “printing units”. Only after their precise alignment under the guidance of our handy printing press operators, will the resulting complex label print be created.

The order you have approved will be moved through the preparation to the actual press department. In the hands of printing press operators themselves, labels are entered into the machines and your labels are printed.

3. Now all you need to do is wait a bit for your final labels

Rolls of labels from your order will be checked and, if necessary, rewound in the required direction, or stacked or cut into pieces. If your order wasn’t for the background labels that you store with us to order reprint later, labels are moved directly to the dispatch. Colleagues from the warehouse and expedition will send the package to the address specified by you.

Our colleagues take care of everything in a complex process. It requires clear communication and processes. Not only from you through the individual moments of clarification of the order. It is critical how everyone in our team aligns with each other. What helps are many years of experience, skilled colleagues, but also automation and digitization of individual steps we implemented. We are proud of our colleagues and their management of processes even in times of stress – in times of extreme order flow, but also in times of uncertainty and difficult changes.

We also thank all our clients for clear assignments and prompt answers. We hope that cooperation with us is really easy for them.

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What do we have to offer?

We have established ourselves as pioneers in the segment of value-added self-adhesive labels in the Slovak market over the past 30 years. We offer high quality printing along with demanding refining technologies, a wide selection of base material and well-established processes. Our expert consultancy, or the services of a graphic studio and designer are an additional bonus. Our experience advances the possibilities of product marketing for many satisfied customers. At the same time, we also supply self-adhesive labels for different industry uses and for general use, for example in trade and logistics.

How can the material of your label make a big impact?

Self-adhesive labels are a great choice for packaging and product marketing. They offer a great flexibility for application, storage, design and communication options. Plus, a variety of materials to choose from to match the product with buyers’ expectations, but as well with legislative and your company values.

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