Purgina - innovations in printing of self-adhesive labels

About us

We are a family owned company bringing innovation to printing of self-adhesive labels with added value. We are the segment-leader in Slovakia, Hungary, with strong presence in Austria, Poland, Czech Republic, and other markets of Western Europe.

For over two decades in the market Purgina helps clients to innovate labels for wine and spirits, graphic labels for FMCG, self-adhesive labels for cosmetics, pharmaceutical labels, durables and thermal labels. Thanks to our approach we can deliver sophisticated products and provide comprehensive service for every customer.

We offer services of internal graphic department, warehouse management and assistance in labelling process as well.

Our work


We established the self-adhesive labels for winemakers in Slovakia. Our experience has taken the product marketing of many satisfied clients to a next level.

Gere Solus

Clients from many parts of Europe appreciate our printing skills. Be it food producers, winemakers and brewers from Hungary and Austria, or producers of champagne from France.

Golguz zweigeltrebe

We are suppliers of self-adhesive labels on roll to a spectre of demanding wholesale customers. Our range of services is customised upon needs of every client.

What we do

What do we have to offer?

We have established ourselves as pioneers in the segment of value-added self-adhesive labels in the Slovak market over the past 30 years. We offer high quality printing along with demanding refining technologies, a wide selection of base material and well-established processes. Our expert consultancy, or the services of a graphic studio and designer are an additional bonus. Our experience advances the possibilities of product marketing for many satisfied customers. At the same time, we also supply self-adhesive labels for different industry uses and for general use, for example in trade and logistics.

Tips from a complex redesign of labels with Hubert J.E.

Our long-term partner Hubert J.E. underwent a gradual re-design of labels in 2021. However, we started the whole process together in 2019. We entered this process in many points as a consulting business partner from the beginning. This way we could help not only make the result a beautiful print, but consult on the cost of new labels and their practical use as well. Get inspired by tips from this complex change!

Change your labels graphic design with us!

The consumer market is constantly changing, not only with significant external changes or entry into a new segment. Not to mention changes in cost of production. If the changes have “caught up” with you, it is a good time not to be afraid, to think about your product and to innovate packaging design as well. This makes it easier to reach new customers. At the same time, when redesigning, you can opt for technologies and materials that will replace the existing ones. Whether on the way to an ecological alternative or optimization in a simpler design. Consult with our colleagues. We also have solutions for graphic design.


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