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How to prepare your graphic design

Find out what to send to our graphic designers for a successful and fast processing of your order. We have prepared a short guidance.

Your label needs to consist relevant data, but most of all, it has to attract the right customers. To get the right design you can consult with our representatives and see whether we can help you directly, or get you in contact with fitting designers. If you will be working with an external graphic designer, keep in mind the following:

We will need more than the final design to print your label. We will actually need all the details your designer puts in the design separately. Best will be in vector quality. Preferably prepared in Abode Illustrator (AI, EPS format), or as a PDF in print quality. We are able to use designs in Adobe InDesign and Adobe Acrobat, or CorelDraw of course.

If the design will be in a bitmap graphic (in Adobe Photoshop), we will need it in an open format of PSD (in layers), or as TIFF, EPS, JPEG (without compression). Resolution should be 300dpi.

Zoomed in bitmap graphic

Zoomed in bitmap graphic.

Zoomed in vector graphic

Zoomed in vector graphic.

Every picture or pattern needs to be sent separately and in the original, biggest possible resolution, especially with a bitmap graphic. This way we can keep all the motives without major problems.

If the text you used will not be further edited, than graphics are enough. In case you would need us to change parts of the text, we need all the fonts used. Our graphic department has their collection of fonts, but if the font used is not included, to edit the text on your label we will need to replace it by a similar one.



Our logo has a specific font. Replacing it by a similar one shows significant differences.

Specification of the final colours on your label is done by exact description of CMYK, or pantone shades. We recommend consulting the colour with our representative directly, using our sampler of printing colours. Relying on other samplers, or colour resolution of a computer leads to mismatch. On top of that, the shade may differentiate according to texture on which the CMYK or pantone shall be printed (depends on the structure of the material).

The graphic design needs to specify as well the special printing technologies you want to have included. You can choose from different stamping options, embossing, debossing or micro-embossing, include special die-cut and of course cover the label in varnish even using tinting or coating. All the technologies are described in our main gallery. Our representatives are here to help you choose the suitable ones to make your label original, eye-catching and still within your budget.

You can send the final graphic designs via on-line sharing to analyza@purgina.sk .

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How can the material of your label make a big impact?

Self-adhesive labels are a great choice for packaging and product marketing. They offer a great flexibility for application, storage, design and communication options. Plus, a variety of materials to choose from to match the product with buyers’ expectations, but as well with legislative and your company values.

Matching colours for your label are our pride

Salmon – coral – peach may be code words for colours not everyone understands. And that’s not a problem with us either. Our colleagues take your orders for accurate colour shade very seriously and hold the Pantone matching system accountable for the match instead of often confusing word plays and lofty referrals. To provide printing services with consistent colour outcome is a bit of “science“ though. Especially with changes in base materials and print techniques. How come?

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