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What you should know when labeling by hand

Self-adhesive labels on rolls are primarily intended for application by machine. However, if you want to label your products by hand, here are some advices on how to avoid usual problems.

When labelling by machine, all is set ideally for material imbalances. The angle and move of withdrawing the labels from the roll and their application on your products is automated.
With manual labelling firstly you need to correctly and safely separate the label from the base of the roll. Do not try to pull it by grasping the label at one point, it may tear. Instead, grasp it on wider margins and pull gradually. Labels with atypical shapes are at the highest risk of getting torn and need extra practice.

How to stick labels
Labels of atypical shapes need extra precaution to avoid tearing at the most delicate parts.

How to stick labels

Booklet labels need to be grasped at the side opposite to the opening.

Helpful is to approximate the separation of the label from the base to the mechanics of a labelling machine. To do so, have your roll stretched on a firm and straight base and separate the label in a 90° degree.

Angle of the thrust of labelling machine

When applying the label on your product, mind the first application point. Best is to start from the edge and apply further by smoothing. This way you avoid wrinkles and air bubbles (worst seen on transparent foils).
Except these principles, do not forget to have the base of your product clean and dry before label application. This will not only ease the adhesion of the label, but helps to present and sell your product as well.

In case of any problems with labels application, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to help you.

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How can the material of your label make a big impact?

Self-adhesive labels are a great choice for packaging and product marketing. They offer a great flexibility for application, storage, design and communication options. Plus, a variety of materials to choose from to match the product with buyers’ expectations, but as well with legislative and your company values.

4 steps to innovate your labels easily

We enjoy long-term cooperation with many of our clients. We see how we grow with them and often challenge each other for even better results. Latest cooperation with Mrva & Stanko winery on their brand new 3 Burgundy* wine label was one of such cases. Finally, we found seemingly ideal practical solution, while delivering extraordinary print too. Get inspiration from the interview between Mrva & Stanko’s Peter Stanko, their graphic designer Štefan Jakubík and our Radovan Kilársky:

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