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Can digital printing benefit your labels as well?

We have welcomed our first digital printing press last August 2020. Have you had the chance to get to know our new Epson Surepress already? Maybe it’s about time to discuss your projects with our sales representatives – especially the kind of labels that require parameters such as small volume, high complexity of execution and possibly variable data.

Offset print achieves the highest quality

Labels produced by us are characterized by the highest possible quality of printing. We work with conventional printing machines that require certain craftsmanship and a dose of “art”. We use possible printing finishing and we (and our clients and their customers) are pleased with the results. Offset print quality is simply the best.

But it is the age of digital and unlike many dead ends in the development of printing technology since the time of Guttenberg, it is here to stay for a long time. That is why we have finally chosen the most suitable machine, which will bring added value to our customers!

What convinced us to finally buy “digital” without regrets?

In a year of operation, the Epson Surepress is an almost equal partner to our other machines. Although he came to the game with a different set of qualities, he is already busy with interesting printing orders. Here is why:

  • The print quality does not reach the capability of our offset machines. But unlike most digital printing devices on the market, this one can cover up to 95% of Pantone shades (those common ones cover barely 80%)! It is due to a better colour range, the so-called gamut in an exceptional 7-color configuration, differentiating this machine from most others on the current digital printing press market.
  • At the same time, it uses water-based inks, which is not only environmentally friendly, but also adds to the quality of the print. It resembles an offset result; it is absorbed on the surface of the label material and the result is slightly matte.
  • It can print in white! It covers both transparent and coloured materials. Printers and graphic design studios know this is not an easy task. But the Epson Surepress delivers and we are rightly proud of that.
  • His secret weapon are variable data. Now we can do numbering for you not only in positive text but also in negative text. Or each label with a different motif. For our clients, this means many new possibilities in line with current trends in packaging design, but also for special projects in industry with the need for quantitative labelling with high-quality labels. 
  • At the same time, these options have made it possible to optimize and maintain prices for some orders, despite their requirements atypical for classic craft printing, as well as rising commodity prices.

We are printing labels of the highest possible quality. On offset and now also on digital high-capacity printing machines. We enjoy this ART OF LABELS! We hope you too.

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Tips from a complex redesign of labels with Hubert J.E.

Our long-term partner Hubert J.E. underwent a gradual re-design of labels in 2021. However, we started the whole process together in 2019. We entered this process in many points as a consulting business partner from the beginning. This way we could help not only make the result a beautiful print, but consult on the cost of new labels and their practical use as well. Get inspired by tips from this complex change!

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